Norchestra - Classical Music Reloaded

Here we interpret some of the greatest composers from baroque to modern eras in our own way. We try to be as creative as we can using a lot of improvisation as well as new creative arrangements of the original compositions, kind of re-composing them to new times. This is the only band where I still play the piano, here as showed in our interpretation of Chopin's famous Revolutionary Etude.

Norchestra was founded in 2000 and has released 3 critically acclaimed albums. "New Galaxy" released in 2012 on the label Acoustic Landscapes was the first jazz recording ever with an 8-string Brahms guitar.

Alf Wilhelm Lundberg - 8-string Brahms guitar and piano

Kjetil Lundø - viola va gamba and fouble bass

Tore Jamne - drums and percussion

The Beauty and the Beast - new album!

This video clip is from Nidarosdomen Cathedral from my  new album "The Beauty on the Beast - Live at Nidarosdomen" with new compositions written for 8-string Brahms guitar and pedalboard developed for concerts in quad-surround. (Two speakers in front of the audience and two behind.)

Here I mix the acoustic sound of the Brahms guitar with the electro-acoustic signal from the pickup in my guitar that goes through different effects and pedals, some controlled by expression pedals, others by remote controls from Aalberg Audio. This was my master's project at the Jazz Department at NTNU in Trondheim, which I recently finished this February. 

This setup also works very well in normal stereo PA's as well, with the 4 signals panned gradually from left to right. Listen my new album here from your favourite streaming or download service if you want!

Duo Magico

This duo is an exciting new duo project between Norway's two 8-string specialists, Per Olav Kobberstad and Alf Wilhelm Lundberg.

They met and played together for the first time at Akustiske Landskap Guitarfestival at the Fortress in Trondheim in 2014, and since then they have toured big parts of Norway as well as releasing their debut album "Colonial Colors" in 2016. Even though they both hail from Norway, this duo is like a magical meeting between North and South where they do interpretations of folk tunes from Norway as well as Argentina and Brazil in addition to their own compositions written for 8-string guitars. Per plays a hand built 8-string guitar from Argentinean luthier Esteban Gonzales with two extra bass strings and Alf plays an hand built Brahms guitar from Martin Woodhouse in UK with one higher and lower string in addition to the normal six strings in the middle.

Per Olav Kobberstad - 8-string guitar

Alf Wilhelm Lundberg - 8-string Brahms guitar

Suite for the Seagulls - Gnu Quartet & Norchestra

This suite was a result of of two amazing life events to coincide. Two weeks after I picked up my 8-string Brahms guitar in February 2010 I got to know that Sildajazz had got fundings from Art's Council Norway to do a comissioned piece with me as an composer and Gnu Quartet as arrangers. This gave me an lots of inspiration to compose and create new music as I was exploring an incredible instrument with lots of new possibilities!

A magical meeting between two of the most exciting and original ensembles in european contemporary jazz today, Gnu Quartet (IT) and Norchestra (NO) "Suite for the Seagulls" is composed by Alf Wilhelm Lundberg as an homage to Haugesund, the hometown of Norchestra. It's a suite with seven movements, mostly composed on the 8-string Brahmsguitar with the meeting between these two unique ensembles in mind. After the premiere of the commissioned work in Haugesund in 2010 we finally did a concert and recorded the entire suite in Genoa (Gnu Quartet's hometown in Italy) in December 2014, finally to be released in 2017 at Acoustic Landscapes.

Gnu Quartet & Norchestra:

Francesca Rapetti - flute

Roberto Izzo - violin

Raffaele Rebaudengo - viola

Stefano Cabrera - cello

Alf Wilhelm Lundberg - 8-string Brahms guitar & piano

Kjetil Lundø - double bass

Tore Jamne - drums

Szandor Szabo & Alf Wilhelm Lundberg - free improvisation duo

This duo performs free improvised music for 16-string guitar and 8-string Brahms guitar.

They have performed in various festivals and clubs all over Norway and Hungary, and they have also recorded a duo album that will be released during the next year. Szandor Szabo has performed with some of the most interesting and innovative players on the planet like Michael Manring, Kevin Kastning and Claus Boesser-Ferrari, and has toured the US as well as the world for many decades. This duo emphasizes creativity and spontaneity and to achieve the right mental state of mind of conveying and composing music and structures in an spontanious way. We also released an album with great Hungarian drummer Balosz Major, also this was completely free improvised, with no rehearsals or preparation of compositions in advance. As Sandor told me before I was invited to record with hi in Hungary "Don't prepare anything" But, as other great free improvising musicans has told us before, "it takes a lot of preparation not to prepare"


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